OSV Insider Training: Busy Investor's Guide to the Action Score System

In this webinar, I take you through:

  1. A quick high level process of the Action Scores and why it was created.
  2. Different styles and combinations of the OSV Scores and Ratings you'll come across.
  3. How to think about the way a stock can travel through the Action Score range.
  4. Rules of thumb.
  5. 15 minute Q&A.

Video Notes:

  • [10:07] Webinar agenda
  • [03:10] Action Score recap and process to be used
  • [06:45] Optimal ranges used to calculate the Q,V,G scores
  • [10:50] Why Q,V,G works
  • [13:48] Action Score styles and rating combinations
  • [15:30] What are Trifecata stocks, how's it found & examples
  • [18:37] The 3 different caterogies of stocks that make up the B grade & examples
  • [25:53] How to think about C-D stocks. Are they worth investing? & examples
  • [34:50] F grade stocks. How to detect, avoid and why. Why the F score doesn't work for every industry, sector
  • [37:05] Average annual return charts per year
  • [38:30] Action score flow - how to decide whether a stock will drop or increase in rating
  • [40:45] Rules of thumb for passive and active investors using the Action Score
  • [43:00] Q&A with more examples, what happens if valuation and the ratings are the opposite, why I talk the way I do and more.