Introduction and Overview of How to Use Old School Value

In this video, I take you through:

A simple workflow using OSV Online of rapidly going from finding ideas to filtering out investable stocks. Extra tips on how to use the Action score for insightful analysis. An over the shoulder look at how I find ideas, decide which ones to look at. A couple of quick valuation examples.

Video Notes:

  • [00:30] My 4 step investment routine / workflow in my quantitative analysis
  • [05:50] Live stock examples of how I search, decide and analyze a stock
  • [07:00] Looking at the Action Score for TREX
  • [09:15] Quick valuation of Pier 1 Imports (PIR)
  • [16:55] Mechanical strategy using the Action Score and rules of thumb
  • [18:25] Additional ways to use the Action Score
  • [19:20] DIOD example
  • [19:50] TTM example